Bricklayers lay bricks, pre-cut stone, concrete and other types of building blocks in mortar to construct and repair walls, foundations, partitions, arches and other structures.

Bricklayers may perform the following tasks:

  • work from plans and specifications
  • seal foundations with damp-resistant materials
  • spread layers of mortar to serve as a base and binder for bricks, remove excess mortar, and check vertical and horizontal alignment
  • use various tools and brick-cutting machines to cut and shape bricks
  • construct arches and ornamental brickwork
  • repair and maintain clay bricks, cement blocks/bricks and related structures
  • erect scaffolding (subject to licence requirements in some states).


Small numbers of bricklayers may specialise in refractory work, where they build and line kilns and industrial furnaces; or in the repair of brickwork damaged by salt or damp. 

Bricklayers work outdoors and may have to work at heights or in tunnels and shafts. They usually work in teams. Bricklayers may have some contact with the public.

Personal Requirements

  • Enjoy practical work
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • Good at technical activities
  • Able to follow plans
  • Physically fit and healthy.

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