Building Contractor

Building contractors coordinate the construction of homes and other buildings.

Building contractors may perform the following tasks:

  • examine and interpret clients' plans or arrange the drawing of plans to meet building regulations
  • submit tenders (offers to do jobs at a stated price), quotes or prices for the project to clients
  • arrange submission of plans to local authorities for approval and arrange inspections of building work
  • organise subcontractors to carry out all stages of building and negotiate rates of pay
  • calculate quantities of materials required for building projects and order these from building suppliers or advertise for tenders
  • arrange delivery times of materials to coincide with various stages of the building process
  • supervise the work of subcontractors to make sure buildings are of an acceptable standard and are proceeding according to schedule
  • coordinate the activities of office staff involved in the preparation and payment of accounts
  • talk to lawyers and financial institutions on matters relating to loans and contracts for building projects
  • undertake some of the building work personally.

Personal Requirements

  • good communication skills
  • management and leadership skills
  • good organisational skills
  • good at technical activities.

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