Stonemasons cut and shape hard and soft stone blocks and masonry slabs for the construction and renovation of stone structures and monumental masonry (stonework for cemeteries).

Stonemasons may perform the following tasks:

  • cut and shape stone using machine or hand tools, taking into account the characteristics of the stone being used
  • cut and polish granite and marble for use in construction, such as for kitchen bench tops and bathroom vanity units
  • design, cut and carve monumental masonry, such as memorial tablets and bases for statues, using templates for detailed work and a variety of chisels, punches and hammers, depending on the type of stone being used
  • cut lettering into stonework by marking out the letters and then cutting or chiselling them with hand-held tools or sandblasting equipment
  • construct walls using stone slabs and large masonry slab blocks
  • lay stone paving
  • lay granite or marble floor tiles
  • fix stone facades to buildings
  • repair and replace stonework on old buildings, churches and monuments.

Stonemasons often work in a noisy environment.

Personal Requirements

  • enjoy practical work
  • physically fit
  • able to work at heights
  • able to work with your hands
  • self-motivation
  • aptitude for technical drawing and working with computers is an advantage.

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