Building Codes and Standards

Master Builders Australia has adopted an industry-led technical strategy that focuses on making Australian building standards and regulations more acceptable to the industry and responsive to end user's needs.

Master Builders Australia is presently a member of 74 industry technical regulatory committees convened by either Standards Australia or the Australian Building Codes Board. These committees are responsible for the development of building standards and regulations.

Master Builders Australia also has representation at board level with both of the aforementioned organisations. It plays a leading role both in the direction and content of Australian regulatory and conformance infrastructure.

Because of such involvement, Master Builders Australia is in a unique position to advise members of any issues which may occur as a result of proposed changes in areas such as:

  • Information on Australian Standards;
  • Local Authority Requirements;
  • Building Act Requirements;
  • Advice on legislation and regulations;
  • Requirements of the Building licensing authorities;
  • Trade practices legislation.

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