Rebuilding Australia 

Master Builders' vision for the building and construction industry
to lead Australia's recovery from the COVID-19 economic crisis

Rebuilding Austalia, Volume 1: Setting the Scene for a Building and Construction Industry COVID-19 Action Plan

Outlines where the industry was positioned pre-COVID-19 and the early identification of the challenges and solutions in response to the unprecedented economic shock.

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Rebuilding Australia Volume 2, A COVID-19 Action Plan for the Housing Sector

The intrinsic link between the housing industry and economic and community wellbing makes it even more important that governments act now to stimulute new house building activity as the COVID-19 economic crisis drives forward work for residential builders off a cliff. 

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Rebuilding Australia Volume 3, A COVID-19 Action Plan for the Construction Sector

The Australian construction sector, comprising both commercial and civil construction link the activities of our day to day life. Rebuilding Australia Vol 3 looks at the pressures the COVID-19 economic crisis places on these sectors and sets out Master Builders stimulus prorities to support them. 

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Rebuilding Australia, Volume 4, A Stimulus Plan to Support Jobs and Boost GDP

Master Builders is calling on National Cabinet to implement a dedicated Stimulus Action Plan for the building and construction industry. Every $1 spent in the construction industry translates to $3 in the broader economy. Independent modelling by EY (included in Rebuilding Australia, Vol 4) shows the benefits to the economy and jobs of governments investing in stimulus for the industry. 

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