As National President I am committed to ensuring at Master Builders is equipped to provide the best possible representation for our members in the national public policy debate. Renewal of leadership is an important part of that equation. 

With Wilhelm Harnisch, our former Chief Executive of 15 years stepping down after 26 years with the organisation, the Board embarked on a comprehensive and transparent process seeking a leader that continue to implement the Board's vision for Master Builders as a modern, credible and influential national voice for our industry. 

So I am proud to announce that after joining Master Builders as General Manager Operations just over 12 months ago, Denita Wawnbecome the first woman Chief Executive Master Builders has had in its 127 years of history as of 20 March 2017. 

Denita’s qualities, skills and experience as a highly
accomplished industry leaderand advocate  mean the Board
has every confidence that she will now step up to speak
on behalf of 32,000 members, nine state and territory
Master Builders Associations and the three sectors of the
$200 billion building and construction industry. 

Her impeccable credentials for success include her wealth of experience spearheading game changing advocacy and industrial relations campaigns at the National Farmers Federation (NFF), and the Australian Hotels Association (AHA). As CEO of the Brewers Association of Australia and New Zealand, Denita implemented a highly successful reputational change strategy at a national and international level. 

The Board is excited by Mrs Wawn’s leadership and her strong grasp of the factors which drive success in industry associations, and her passionate to standing up for the interests of members.  

Dan Perkins

Immediate Past President, Master Builders Australia Managing Director, Perkins Builders

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