It was Christmas Eve last year when a number of cracks were identified in some parts of the Opal Tower in Sydney's Olympic Park precinct. The ensuing drama recieved extensive attention from the media which has also reported on the subsequent investigation implemented by the New South Wales Government.  

The Berejiklian Government has also announced it will strengthen measures focused on building certifiers which inlcude: 

  • Undertaking an audit of 25 to 30 per cent of certification work every year.
  • Certifiers found to be corrupt or to have negligently signed off on a building which is unsafe or structurally unsound will be immediately kicked out of the industry.
  • Certifiers found to have breached the industry's code of conduct on building quality will be banned from working on new strata developments for 12 months.
  • More information available to home owners and buyers about a certifier's disciplinary record and work history.

The Interim Report of the investigation noted that further information is required to enable definitive conclusions to be made about the cause or causes of the damage to this structure and the proposed remediation. It has also made no definitive conclusions as to the cause of the damage. The building is overall structurally sound and not in danger of collapse.

Download Interim Report: Opal Tower Investigation Interim Report

Alex Waldren

National Director - Industry Policy

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