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Construction Award Changes: What you need to know

Industrial Relations July 1, 2020

Changes to construction industry awards made by the Fair Work Commission in its marathon modern award review have now come into operation

Master Builders files joint application to provide Award relief from COVID-19

Industrial Relations May 29, 2020

New IR push launched

Industry representatives meet to discuss myriad of WHS and Workplace Relations issues

Industrial Relations March 20, 2020

ACCI’s WHS Committee meets to discuss WHS Model Laws Review and latest WHS survey results. Joint meeting of WHS and Workplace Relations Committees discuss rapidly developing COVID-19 issues.

Amendments enabling regulators to issue prohibited asbestos notices in force

Industrial Relations March 20, 2020

Changes to WHS laws now in force give regulators controversial new powers. Prohibited asbestos now subject of removal notices under model WHS laws. developing COVID-19 issues.

IR, safety and contracts update

Industrial Relations March 13, 2020

Work continues on key areas within WHS/IR/Contracts portfolio. Submissions and Fair Work Commission appearance remain in sharp focus.

CFMMEU whistleblowers head to court

Industrial Relations March 13, 2020

Ousted whistleblowers the subject of court proceedings. ABCC commences further proceedings in Perth

Working to ensure ISO guidelines on workplace psychological health don’t create headaches

Workplace Health & Safety March 5, 2020

• Master Builders attends meeting of Standards Australia’s OH&S technical committee • Questions raised about inconsistencies with Australian approach

Beware asbestos in bushfire clean-up

Building Regulation January 24, 2020

Asbestos flagged as a potential hazard in bushfire rebuilding and clean-up.