6  December 2019

The building and construction industry is facing an ageing workforce and significant labour shortages over the coming years.

As at the 2016 Census, 74,117 workers in the industry were aged 60 or over, equivalent to 8.1 per cent of the construction workforce at that time. Total employment in the industry is anticipated to exceed 1.3 million by May 2023, an increase of nearly 120,000 on May 2018. The required growth in the building and construction industry workforce will be this plus replacement of workers who exit and/or retire.

The pathway from senior secondary school into apprenticeships is a key source of labour for the building and construction industry. Master Builders Australia welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the COAG Education Council Review of Senior Secondary Pathways.

The Master Builders Australia submission recommends:

  • Addressing the bias toward university pathways
  • Increasing resources for careers education in schools
  • Strengthening industry-school linkages, including work experience opportunities
  • Teaching subjects in the context of their real world application
  • Addressing issues with the delivery of VET in Schools
  • Developing a tool to assess work readiness
  • Establishing a grant program for industry-school initiatives

The final report and recommendations are due in June 2020.

Access the submission here: COAG Education Council Review of Senior Secondary Pathways