Women Building Australia

Building and construction is the nation's second largest industry. It impacts on our everyday lives by building our communities and the homes, schools, hospitals, roads, offices, shops and airports that we take for granted. It also builds prosperity in every city, town and region employing more than a million people. 

But with women currently making up only 11% of the industry's total workforce and only 1% of building trades, the industry is missing out on the skills and talents of half the population.

Attracting the best the workers regardless of their gender means our industry will benefit and evolve with new skills, ideas and innovations, the business success of building businesses will be boosted and more women can take advantage of the fantastic career and job opportunities that our industry has on offer.

Women Building Australia is about making this happen by promoting the opportunities for women and employers and the information and support that they need. 


There are many fantastic opporunities for you in building and construction. A great job, a rewarding career, a chance to build your own business. Our Advancing Women In Construction Ambassadors are just some of the women who have found their niche in our industry. Like them you acheive success and pursue your dream. 

Melanie Fasham
Managing Director, Fasham 

Melanie is the Co-Managing Director of Fasham with her sister Emma and the President of Master Builders Victoria, the first ever woman to hold this office. 

Taking on the day to day management of Fasham, a family company established by her father more than 40 years ago, Melanie is one of an inspiring number of pioneering women relishing roles that would have traditionally been taken on my a male member of the family.

While her career choice has had its challenges,  Melanie says she's had huge support and wants other women to also have the information and support to choose a career in building and construction. 

As a business leader, Melanie also knows the benefits that follow getting more women on board. As she says, "Women learn and think differently and bringing those different skills and approaches into the industry will only boost business success." 

Serena Giudice
Managing Director, Geraldton Homes 

Serena is boss at Geraldton Homes in the mid-west region of Western Australia. In 2014, Serena was the first ever woman Young Builder of the Year. 

Serena has always done it her way. Like so many others, she found her career through trial and error. First she tried university, studying computer systems engineering but, not enjoying herself, she wasn't doing well. So Serena pulled her next move which, and with the support of her Dad, went to work with him in the family building and construction company. She struck gold. 

"Dad saw that I wasn't enjoying the academic career path that I had chosen and that I didn't really know what I wanted to do. So he gave me the opportunity to try working in building and I loved it. I started out learning estimating scheduling and progressed my way through facet of the business and here I am today as Managing Director." 

"If you are looking for a career in an industry that will train you for the skills you will need to get a job or start your own business, to be your own boss, then the building industry is for you."

Penny Petridis
Founder - Female Tradie

Penny is the founder of Female Tradie, a construction services firm based in Sydney.

Penny is passionate about the building industry, her building business and training women so they can follow in her footsteps. She has focussed her business on the home renovation and maintenance markets where the different perspective and skills women bring to the industry produce outstanding results for her clients. 

Penny wants women to have confidence in their ability to do jobs in building and construction well and to excel. She wants better information for women so they know the huge range of job roles to choose from. As Penny says,  they do not all involve manual labour.