Industry leaders who are passionate about changing the industry for the better by getting more women into careers in building and construction. Their personal stories and experience show that they lead by example. 

Melanie Fasham 

Managing Director of Melbourne residential building company Fasham, Melanie is also President of Master Builders Victoria, the first woman to ever hold that position. 

As a business and industry leader, Melanie wants to give more women the opportunity to choose a career in building and construction where she sees benefits for women who want to lead and acheive and for the employers who gain from new and different skills and attitudes in their businesses. 

Melanie wants to see young women informed about the range of jobs they can find in the industry and encouragement to explore making that career choice. 

Serena Giudice

The first ever woman Young Builder of the Year in 2014, Serena is Managing Director of Geraldton Homes in Western Australia. 

Serena wants young women to give building and construction a go and for the industry to reciprocate with more information about the fantastic range of job roles the industry has to offer women so they can build careers and businesses. This reflects Serena's own experience of starting in her family's building company when she found she wan't enjoying university. Starting with estimating scheduling, she learnt every facet of the business and loved and now she is Managing Director. 

Vonette Mead

Vonette is Director and Systems Manager at Meadcon, a Tasmanian commercial and residential builder that employs more than 50 people. 

Meadcon has a strong focus on training and employing apprentices, including young women, and says completing an apprenticeship in a building trade is one the best pathways to gaining full time employment. 

A big supporter of women apprentices, Vonette says women need more information about the many occupations they can choose from in the industry because many are not aware of  the fanstic opportunities  to apply their talent and passion. 

Craig Edmunds

Craig is Managing Director of construction contractor Fairbrother, one of Tasmania's largest construction companies. 

Craig sees first hand to benefits to employer's businesses that getting more women on board brings. "Not only does employing women all of a sudden give you access to a whole raft of potential new employees, but they also bring some unique skills to the industry and a new perspective on approaching issues," he says. 

Like other Ambassadors, Craig wants to change the perception by young women, and often their parents, that that the building and construction industry is not an attractive place to women to build their careers. "I don't think young people really understand what an amazing career opportunities there are after completing an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship is just the beginning, a stepping stone, for multiple pathways in the industry, many of which pay well and above what most traditional university pathways offer."