Support the success of your business and the industry

Gain from the skills, motivation, attitude and approach that women bring to our industry.  Recruit more women to ensure your business and the industry has the high quality skilled workforce it needs for the future.

How we can help you.

Join other building and construction contractors, large and small, who are already benefiting from the new skills, approach and motivation that women are bringing to their businesses. Women Building Australia can assist you to bring more women on board in your business. Our Jobseeker Handbook is a great starting point. 

What do our industry leaders say? 

"Not only does employing more women all of a sudden give you access to a whole raft of new employees, but they also bring some unique skills and new perspectives on resolving issues." 

Craig Edmunds, CEO, Fairbrother

"It's not just women who will benfit from the opportunity to choose a rewarding career in a great industry. Their employers will gain from the new and different skills and attitudes that they bring and their drive to lead and succeed."  

Melanie Fasham, Managing Director, Fasham

Become a Mentor & help the Vision become a Reality

Join the National Women Building Australia Mentoring Program and gain or improve your mentoring skills, refine your leadership qualities, make a valuable contribution to the career of someone just getting started in our industry and  ensure the future of your industry. 

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