National Survey of Building and Construction

Each quarter Master Builders in states and territories are asked to complete an online survey canvassing their views on the national economy and conditions within their own enterprises. Responses are received from builders involved in all sectors of the building and construction industry: residential, renovations, commercial building, engineering construction, sub-contracting and materials supply. The survey allows members of Master Builders to present their views on the national economy and the condition of their own enterprises. The survey also provides information regarding on-going constraints on activity.

Latest edition - June 2017

Business Confidence: Riding High on the Housing Boom

The boom run in the residential sector is about to reach its crescendo, driving business confidence to pre-GFC levels and supporting
the best conditions for building businesses in years.

The reintroduction of the ABCC has also given commercial builders a new injection of confidence as the watchdog regains power to
restore balance to building sites across the country.

But with the leading indicators showing signs of weakness, this period of elevated confidence is not expected to last. Indeed, the
index for future activity dipped during the June quarter 2017, supporting an expectation for a weaker period of residential building
activity looking past the next 6 months.

Download the June quarter, National Survey of Building and Construction

Download media release: Confidence Surges As Residential Construction Peaks


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