ABIC Major Works Subcontract 2018 Forms



Major Works Subcontract 2018 Contractors' and Subcontractors forms - downloadable PDF. The subcontract is not included.

The following forms are included
Contractors’ Forms - Major Works Subcontract - MW.SC 2018

Standard Form:
Contractor’s Instructions
Request for Information
Contractor’s Written Decision
Instruction for Variation Quotation
Instruction to Proceed with Variation
Urgent Instruction to Proceed with Variation
Notice of Substantial Completion
Progress Payment Statement - Complex
Progress Payment Statement - Simple
Final Payment Statement - Complex
Final Payment Statement - Simple

Other Forms:
Instruction Subcontract Works not at but Near Substantial Completion
Written Statement Subcontract Works not at and not Near Substantial Completion
Notice Subcontract Works to be Divided into Separable Parts
Contractor’s Notice to Subcontractor
Notice of Entitlement to Liquidated Damages
Instruction to Correct Defects or Finalise Work
Request to Submit Final Claim
Assessment of Cost of Completing Subcontract Works
Q9 Payment Statement as to Amount Payable
Notice to Remedy Default
P2 Notice of Dispute
Notice Of Termination

Subcontractors’ Forms - Major Works Subcontract:

Standard Form:
Request for Information/Instruction/Notice
Notice of Intention to Claim
Details of Claim
Additional Information
Security - By Unconditional Guarantees
Evidence of Insurances - Subcontractor to Insure
Subcontract Works Program
Notice to Contractor - Subcontract Works Near Substantial Completion
Progress Claim - Summary Sheet

Other Forms:
Final Claim - Summary Sheet
Notice of Start or End of Delay
Amended Program
Subcontractor’s Notice to Contractor
Separate Subcontractor - Objection to Engagement as a Sub-subcontractor
Notification of Official Document
Notice of Substantial Completion
Notice of Dispute
P2 Notice of Dispute
Notice to Remedy Default
Notice of Suspension/Termination

What's Included

  • Downloadable PDF