ABIC Simple Works Contract 2018 Forms



Simple Works Contract 2018 Contractors' forms - downloadable PDF. The Contract is not included.

The following forms are included

No Title
SW 40 Request for information/instruction/notice
SW 41 Notice of Intention to Claim
SW 42 Details of Claim
SW 43 Additional Information
SW 44 Security – Providing Bank Guarantees
SW 45 Evidence of Insurances – Contractor to Insure
SW 46 Program
SW 47 Notice to Architect – Works at Practical Completion
SW 48 Progress Claim – Summary Sheet
SW 48H Progress Claim - summary sheet with deposit (domestic only)
SW 49 Final Claim – Summary Sheet – Clause N10
SW 51 Evidence of Insurance – Owner to Insure
SW 53 Notice of Possession of the Works Before Practical Completion
SW 55 Contractor’s Notice
SW 56 Notice of Suspension/Termination
SW 57A Notice of Dispute (acts done)
SW 57B Notice of Dispute (failure to act)
SW 58 Notice of Dispute or Resolution – Clause P2 (dispute resolution)
SW 59 Notification of an Official Document
SW 60 Notice of Start or End of Delay 
SW 61 Notice of non-compliance (of owner-specified materials)

What's Included

  • Downloadable PDF