Commercial Cost Plus Contract Forms



Commercial Cost Plus (CP-2014 C) Contract forms – downloadable PDF. The contract is not included.

Contractors Forms include:

Request for information/instruction/notice
Notice of contract price estimate
Notice of new contract price estimate
Notice of intention to claim
Details of claim
Additional information
Evidence of insurances – contractor to insure
Security – providing bank guarantees
Security – notice of the top-up costs
Notice to Architect – works at practical completion
Progress claim – summary sheet
Final claim – summary sheet – clause N11
Change in the form of security to the owner
Evidence of insurance – owner to insure
Separate contractor – objection to engagement as a subcontractor
Contractor’s notice
Notice of suspension/termination
Notice of dispute
Notice of dispute – clause P2
Notification of an official document
Notice of start of delay
Notice of end of delay

What's Included

  • Downloadable PDF