DECON 2013 - Lump Sum User Guide



The DECON 2013 User Guide provides a plain English description of the substance of the DECON 2013 Lump Sum Contract to help in the understanding of the administration of the contract.

The following forms are included in the DECON 2013 User Guide:

Principal's Forms

Prin 1     Principal's Notice Providing Information               
Prin 2     Principal's Direction to Contractor            
Prin 3     Principal's Notice to Contractor 
Prin 4     Notice of Revised Date for Practical Completion               
Prin 5     Principal's Request to Contractor             
Prin 6     Notice of Dispute            
Prin 7     Section 13 Notice of Dispute      

Contractor's Forms

Con 1     Contractor's Request for Direction          
Con 2     Contractor's Request to Principal             
Con 3     Contractor's Notice to Principal 
Con 4     Notice of Practical Completion  
Con 5     Progress Claim 
Con 6     Notice of Delay
Con 7     Notice to Principal of Cost of Delay         
Con 8     Final Notice       
Con 9     Final Account    
Con 10  Section 13 Notice of Dispute      
Con 11  Contractor’s Valuation of Variation      

What's Included

  • Hard copy