Independent Contractors Agreement Package (Agreement & User Guide)



Set of two Independent Contractors Agreements and a User Guide.  IC-2015 is recommended for use in one-off jobs, that is, in situations where builders require the services of subcontractors to perform specific tasks related to building works not covered by other contracts.  A common instance might be when a builder wishes to engage a subcontractor for a specific task or project (such as tiling, carpentry or painting) on a residential or commercial project.  IC-2015 establishes the legal rights and obligations of the parties and their powers and duties in relation to a subcontract.  The accompanying User Guide provides a clause by clause interpretation of the agreement and provides clarification as to when a contractor is engaging an independent contractor as opposed to an employee.  This is vitally important, as under a contract of service (employment contract) entitlements such as superannuation, workers' compensation, leave, and certain taxes would ordinarily apply.  The User Guide explains how these entitlements still might be available to subcontractors.

What's Included

  • Two copies of the Agreement and a User Guide